PC Direct Network Solutions

In today’s technological environment, the decision to migrate to another platform or upgrade to the latest operating system can be overwhelming.  At PC Direct, we believe that any change in your network operating system or e-mail should translate into better service to the business unit both in system availability and recovery of information and systems.  We carefully evaluate our clients’ current environments, and our consultants work closely with companies to ensure that changes are worth the financial investment. We take time to present our clients with the newest technological options and information.   


• PC Direct Systems offers installation and integration services for all of the solutions it provides.

• Network Security Audit

We work closely with our customers to develop individual, detailed security project plans that include both data and system integrity, supporting the missions of companies. In addition, we review and assess your equipment, perimeter security, data privacy, and security-monitoring policies and practices. We help you address project requirements, define success criteria, and evaluate cost/benefit analyses. PC Direct also assists companies in presentations to upper management, clearly illustrating what completed projects will do for the company.

• Performance Analysis

PC Direct Systems Network Performance Analysis helps companies understand more about their networks. Our in-depth analysis studies many topics so that IT professionals can isolate network problems, acquire distinct performance measurements and plan for future additions. After careful analysis, we make recommendations to increase performance and efficiency, which assist in long-term planning. Companies for which we have provided a Network Performance Analysis have found it extremely helpful for adding bandwidth, documenting network inventory, increasing network capacity and ensuring their strategic technology plan meets their business goals. Let PC Direct provide you with an independent recommendation.

• Support On Call

PC Direct Systems engineers are available to help if you experience system failures. We’ll be on-site within two hours in a critical situation, such as when a server goes down.

• Maintenance

Our maintenance plans provide upgraded warranty and pro-active quarterly maintenance services that keep your servers up and running. Three service levels — Red, White and Blue — let you select the plan that best fits your needs.

• Migrations Of Software

Deciding to install or migrate to Windows 2000 Server or Exchange 2000 can be overwhelming. We believe that any change in your network operating system or e-mail should translate into better service for your business through system availability and recovery of information.

We carefully evaluate our clients’ current environments and our consultants work closely with companies to ensure that changes are worth the financial investment. We take time to present our clients with the newest technological options and information.


PC Direct Systems Consulting Services Division offers Outsourced services for supplemental staffing and long-term IT projects.

We offer IT Consultants and Systems Engineers in the following fields:

WAN Engineer

LAN Engineer

Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 Engineer

Novell Engineer

PC Direct outsources full-time employees to its clients and provides a unique value proposition: All outsourced personnel have access to PC Direct Systems engineering team and the manufacturers who are our partners. This provides customers a trained engineer with deep resources to solve everyday challenges quickly and efficiently.

•Site Surveys

PC Direct Systems offers a site survey for all of its wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions. This survey is conducted with certified RF equipment to check signal strength against potential interference with internal and external obstacles. The WLAN environment is documented to provide information needed to make ongoing networking decisions.

Professional  Cabling Services
Computer Network Services
Wireless Site Surveys
  • Network planning and consulting
  • LAN, MAN, WAN and WLAN assessments
  • Network design and optimization
  • Implementation and Installation
  • Site-specific surveys for wireless LAN coverage
  • ISM 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz; UNII 5.2-5.8 GHz and Licensed 18, 26 and 38 GHz
  • State of the art survey kits
  • Guaranteed coverage
  • Easy to read survey reports
  • Manufacturer certified in top 4
Wireless LAN/Logistics & Distribution
Staging and Burn-In
  • Certified Site Engineers with an average of 10 years field experience
  • Quality Assurance department guarantees our rigorous standards
  • 100 % testing and certification
  • Coverage guaranteed for minimum of 5 years
  • Complete staging facility in our Operations Center
  • Configuration and burn-in of wireless handheld units, radios, GCS platforms, servers, PC's, Mac's and more
  • Materials management on demand
  • Bulk shipments stored or handled without delays
External Bridging / Towering

Cable Plant Design & Installation

  • Providing Wireless hops up to 5 miles, 2.4 to 38 ghz
  • Highly trained and very professional installation teams
  • Certified climbers with an average of 20 years tower experience
  • Guaranteed connectivity
  • Full certification
  • RCDD certified
  • Certified installers of AMP, DEC, Siecor, AT&T Systemax, IBM and more
  • 100 % solution, from design to installation to certification
  • All work warranted for minimum of 5 years to 15 years
  • Highly trained and very professional installation teams
  • Any type of wired solution, from fiber optic to coax
  • Documentation packages can include ACAD v.13 and Viso As-Builts
Service and Maintenance

Warranty Information

  • Fully staffed service department
  • Next day deployment of personnel

RF Propagation Survey & Spectrum Search
Propagation surveys are complete and exhaustive using line-of-sight technology, where the link/connectivity is guaranteed at the time of survey and 100% coverage is guaranteed. Spectrum searches are certified to be 100% free of frequency interference at the time of search or otherwise fully documented as to interference along with probabilities.

Cabling Systems
All PC Direct installed cabling systems are covered by our standard five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of installation. Any defects, as mentioned, will be restored to full operability at no cost to the customer.

Active Equipment
Repeaters, access points, bridges, transceivers, etc., are covered by our standard one-year warranty. We honor the manufacturers return-to-factory warranty, which is passed through to the end-user.

General Conditions
The cabling system is not warranted against damage caused by "acts of God," misuse, abuse, neglect or any condition other than normal wear. If it is determined by PC Direct that damage to the warranted cabling system is caused by those conditions, then we will perform necessary repairs at the then prevailing rate.